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SEAR Plugs
  • SEAR Plugs


    SEAR earplugs are designed to eliminate the risk of swimmer's ear - caused by trapped moisture and bacteria while ensuring you stay connected to the sounds of surroundings. Ideal for all water sport enthusiast, SEAR provides peace of mind, allowing you to focus on the joy of swimming, surfing, and all water sports.


    • Product Info

      • Magnetic & Waterproof Case: Equipped with a magnetic closure for easy access. The included carabiner ensures convenient attachment to your backpack or surfbag, making it effortlessly portable for all your travels.

      • 3 sizes of Ear Plugs & Ear Wings: Find your perfect fit with three sizes of earplugs and ear wings, ensuring a watertight seal to protect your ears. 

      • Leash with Floatable Element: Stay connected to your SEAR earplugs at all times with the included leash. Wear it around your neck for easy access and added security. The floatable element ensures that even in the water, your earplugs stay within reach.

      • Ear Filter with Waterproof Acoustic Mesh: The ear filter, featuring a waterproof acoustic mesh, allows you to experience high hearing clarity while preventing water ingress. 



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